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    Xenia H, Otto 860
  1. Xenia

    We increased in the meantime the production a bit (~2-3 machines per day) and I got some nice pictures from some customers: A unique design:
  2. Xenia

    Here a try with a special color:
  3. Xenia

    In case someone like to see an unboxing video of the 1st machine of the 2nd production: The comments are in German, but it should be easy to understand what is happening. Some more pictures, videos & information you can find on our new website www.xenia.coffee. Some translations needed to be updated, but there are already many English articles.
  4. Xenia

  5. Xenia

    If you order - we send (one day) In the meantime someone was so kind and made some beautiful pictures with 2 of our machines. And here are some more :
  6. Xenia

    In the meantime we produced a batch of machines an I can show a few pictures. Fortunatly all the machines are working without problems, even they are the 1st units
  7. Xenia

    Thank you. It is a pleasure that we can 'play' a bit with the colors and design. It is not only simple production Btw: there is a new grinder in the market. I tested the last 3 months several grinders and among all the 860 is the best. The very best concerning the handling and consistency of the shots. The 860 is produced by Conti Valerio in Italy (Firenze). I wrote several reviews about the grinder and about the 'why' we choose the 860 (but it is in german): http://xenia.coffee/index.php/muehlen/otto-860 If you think about the grinder and can get a 860: think about it seriously.
  8. Xenia

    Finally we started the production and for the 1st machine we choose an unusual color for the facade. Usually the faceade is ordered with "black eloxal" or "brilliant stainless steel". More pictures: https://www.facebook.com/Xenia.Espressomaschinen/photos_stream?tab=photos_albums
  9. Xenia

    Hello, may be you can do a favour for me. We are participating in a competition for small business from Fedex and to reach the next round of the 10 companies, we need some 'shares', 'likes',..... If you want support us, you can share our profile: http://de.wettbewerb.fedex.com/Gallery/Detail/13f71e45-8de4-444a-a76f-9c1a36cf5e98 Just click here on 'anything': and share it. Thank you!
  10. Xenia

    Actually we work on the second extension board and we can try reserve a port for it. But depending on the space, we will add free (multipurpose) ports in each case. For the final layout of the base board, we have been able to add one additional port for an external solidstaterelais (for what ever we meight need it one day). And we added 2 ports for 2 addional buttons. The advantage is that we orderrd toggle switches with 3 position: This allows us - for example - to implement 2 function for brewing: 2->3 = start the shot and wait until the user ends the shot 1<-2 = start the shot and end it after x seconds May be the challenge willl be to find the right scale.
  11. Xenia

    The problem is 'only' that we can't deliver a machine with a software poviding such a function. But there is no patent of software and the firmware/software could be modified and may be soneome publish one day a new version and you can upload it.
  12. Xenia

    There is a patent
  13. Xenia

    No idea...I will read and we can think about it. As we use Solidstaterelais (with zerocrossing) we should be able to do some things by software. But often there is a patent and it will avoid it. We think to deliver the Xenia with a kind of basic software - and release the code as freeware. It meight happen that a team of developers will start implementing new feature. It will be like a 'fork'.
  14. Xenia

    The traditional rotary pump forced the decision: tank or rotary pump. Both was not possible as the space inside the machine ist very limited. The new pumpe is a smaller and so we can offer rotary pump and water tank.
  15. Xenia

    Annotation: The pump is a "MVP with motor 958"